Changemakers in Action

We are proud to introduce to you… Timoth, a Village Life ‘Changemaker in Action’!

Timoth (Timo) Akama is a Tanzanian native who worked as a nurse/midwife in a remote village in Tanzania for two years before pursuing a bachelor’s degree in public health at the University of Cincinnati. His decision to enter the field of public health was motivated by the observation that many patients in the village struggled with social determinants of health. He values close community engagement as an essential aspect of solving social issues.

To Timo, being a ‘changemaker in action’ means taking proactive and creative steps to address social problems in the community. It involves actively working towards positive change by understanding the root causes of issues, empathizing with the affected population, and implementing innovative solutions to improve the well-being and health of the community.

Timo continues to be a changemaker today by pursuing his education in Public Health at the University of Cincinnati. He is equipping himself with the knowledge and skills needed to address the social determinants of health and other public health challenges. He also maintains a strong connection with the community, which allows him to stay informed about their needs and collaborate on effective solutions. His commitment to education and community engagement makes him an ongoing changemaker.

In his free time, Timo enjoys spending quality moments with his loved ones, fostering strong relationships and connections. Additionally, he finds relaxation and enjoyment in playing volleyball, which not only provides physical activity but also reinforces the importance of teamwork and cooperation, qualities that are valuable in his work as a changemaker in public health.

Thank you, Timo, for making the decision to bring change to our world!

We are always on the lookout for Changemakers – please nominate someone (or yourself, it’s encouraged!) and share how you’ve given back and made a difference!

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