About us

About us

Village Life Outreach Project, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit international organization working in collaboration with the Shirati Health, Education, Development (SHED) Foundation in Tanzania, East Africa. Since 2004, we have partnered with SHED to help communities access clean, safe water, healthcare resources, and nutritional programs.  TOGETHER… we act as a catalyst for change to revolutionize aid through relationships and sustainability!

Vision: To unite communities to promote Life, Health, and Education.
Mission: We believe that by developing partnerships to reduce poverty, disease, and malnutrition, we improve lives in Tanzania and our local communities.
Core values: Service, Collaboration, Sustainability, Community, Partnership, Integrity.

Village Life Board of Directors

Christopher Lewis, MD
Christopher Lewis, MD
Board Chair,
University of Cincinnati
Stewart W. Wright, M.D., MEd, FACEP Chief Medical Officer UC Health Professor, Emergency Medicine University of Cincinnati, College of Medicine
Stewart W. Wright, M.D., MEd, FACEP
Chief Medical Officer
University of Cincinnati
Curtis Eaton
AVP, Development
UC Foundation
Nicola Ziady
Chief Marketing Officer
University of Cincinnati
Prince Ellis
Board Treasurer
Assoc Professor of Economics & Finance, UC Clermont College
Marcel Mutsindashyaka IT Committee Chair Chief Information Officer Center for Technology Oberlin College & Conservatory

Marcel Mutsindashyaka
Chief Information Officer
Oberlin College 

SHEDF and Roche Health Center (RHC) Staff

SHEDF and Roche Health Center (RHC) Staff
  • Nyamusi Jo Magatti – SHEDF Executive Director
  • Migera Migire – SHEDF Accountant
  • Lucy Phillip – SHEDF Secretary
  • Phillip (Adek) Okello – SHEDF Driver
  • Benson Mathube – RHC Clinical Officer
  • Musa Daudi – RHC Nurse Midwife
  • Cecilia Weisiko – RHC Part Time Nurse midwife
  • Ezra Keya – RHC Lab Technologist
  • Rebekah Charles – RHC Nurse Assistant
  • Tina David – RHC Nurse Assistant
  • Hidaya Kayaka–  RHC Nurse Assistant
  • Jona Otota – RHC Security Guard
  • Tobias John – RHC Security Guard
  • Clife Jared – RHC Grounds
  • Claris Onyango – RHC Custodian & Laundress

SHEDF Board of Directors

  • Erick Kawira – Board Chair
  • Nyamusi Jo Magatti – Board Secretary General & Executive Director
  • Timothy Kawira – Board Treasurer
  • Patrick Creary – Board Member & Education Director
  • Esther Kawira – Board Member & Medical Director
  • Otieno Shemaya – Board Member & Development Director
  • Martin Nyambock – Board Member
  • Ouru Abuya – Board Member
  • Ellen Akinyi – Board Member
  • Mrs Miriam Ngoya – Board Member
Nyamusi Jo Magatti Executive Director

Nyamusi Jo Magatti
Executive Director

Meet our founder

Christopher Lewis, M.D.

Family Medicine Physician, UC Health
Associate Professor of Family Medicine, UC College of Medicine
Founder & Board Member, Village Life Outreach Project

After his first trip to Tanzania in 2003(link to beginning section), Dr. Christopher Lewis completed his residency and began building his practice with the group that became UC Health’s Primary Care Network, but his urge to return to Tanzania grew stronger and stronger. 

He began planning a service trip with a core group of volunteers to accompany him. Chris’ idea quickly transformed from one person’s vision of helping into a full-fledged non-profit, non-government organization.

“I wanted to have an impact on the health of hundreds in a part of the world where there is one doctor for every 33,000 people.” (Dr. Chris Lewis)