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Why Water

When it comes to a community’s sustainability and well-being, access to clean water is everything. Lack of access to this resource has been identified as the most severe problem our Village Life communities face.

Families often get their drinking water directly from muddy ponds where livestock also feed and bathe themselves. Dirty water contributes to sickness, disease, and death for many families. The question is simple for us: how can we help?

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Bringing Water To Nyambogo

After several months of surveys and discussions with the Nyambogo Village community and local drilling contractors, students from the University of Cincinnati Chapter of Engineers Without Borders (EWB) drilled a 100-meter borehole in August 2014.

Pumps and holding tanks were installed in 2015 – along with a management structure created by EWB and the Nyambogo Water Committee. This well offers 7,000 people safe drinking water for the first time.

Continuing our work in the summer of 2016, EWB-UC extended four pipelines from this well to install tap stands in remote parts of sub-villages – offering safe drinking water to even more people.

Nyambogo on a map

Engineers Without Borders

Engineers Without Borders (EWB) is dedicated to utilizing professional skills to improve the quality of life in communities in developing nations. Village Life’s partnership with the UC chapter of EWB provides Tanzanians with safe buildings and clean water, while exposing engineering students to life changing opportunities that many students never have the chance to experience. Along with this experience, these students are also able to use their work with Engineers Without Borders as course credit.

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