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Photo of children in a classroom (Burere)


Imagine walking three hours to school each day with nothing to eat or drink once you get there. Imagine sitting on rickety wooden benches on dirt floors and sharing books with several of your classmates.

For the children in the villages served by Village Life, this is the reality at school. But still, they remain eager to learn and absorb everything they can despite their limited resources and opportunities. That’s the power of education.

Making the Grade

Since Humans need basic necessities to survive – a roof, water, and health. But what gives us the hope to survive? What drives us to move forward – to grow? Education, for one. How do we support the education of the villagers?

– Our Uji Nutrition Project, developed with the help of students at UC’s College of Allied Health Science, feeds 2,000 students in Tanzania, improving educational outcomes

– We collaborate with many Cincinnati area schools, including Mercer Elementary, Wyoming Middle and High Schools, Rothenberg Elementary, Rapid Run Middle School, Finneytown High School, St. Ursula Academy, and others to help create a new generation of global citizen in Cincinnati.

– We facilitate cross-cultural competency through art exchange projects and flash card projects in English, Swahili, and Luo

– Travel time to secondary school in Tanzania is three hours going one way – but The Bicycle Project cuts this time to one hour, increasing the number of students completing their education

Photo of children in uniforms smiling, giving thumbs up

Burere School

The primary school in Burere was falling down around the students, making it hard for students to attend classes. After two years of design work and consultation with the residents of Burere, Engineers Without Borders broke ground for a new schoolhouse in 2012 – the first classes were taught in the new school in 2013. This new school allows children to attend school in a comfortable, safe learning environment and get the tools they need to reach for their educational dreams.

Photo of children in uniforms smiling, giving thumbs up
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