Volunteer Corps

Village Life established committees of experts, each focused on a specific area – Life, Health, and Education. What makes Village Life unique is that, for each committee we have in Cincinnati, we have a counterpart committee in Tanzania. These committees are in constant communication, through WhatsApp, emails, resorts, and face-to-face meetings, ensuring all work is being guided by the direction of the Tanzanians.

Life Committee

The Life Committee leads efforts to improve water quality and quantity in our partner villages. Primarily made up of U.S. engineers, engineering students, and villagers eager to tackle the most pressing issue in their communities, the committee has grown to include educators and public health students.

Health Committee

Composed of Tanzanians working alongside students, faculty, and professionals from the fields of medicine, nursing, pharmacy, allied health, and public health, the Health Committee provides the foundation for Village Life’s efforts to improve acute and preventive healthcare.

Education Committee

The purpose of the Education Committee is straightforward and imperative: improve educational outcomes, spread knowledge, and increase global awareness. Participants in Cincinnati and Tanzania are committed to ensuring that all students have the opportunity to learn.

Stay Involved in Village Life Alumni

Help prepare new brigade members for what to expect in Tanzania – join in a pizza party and share your thoughts!


Social Media / Storytelling

Changemaker of the Month 
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  • Student of the Month at TZ School
    Volunteer to encourage a student at one of the 7 primary schools we partner with in TZ



  • Volunteer Special Skills
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