In Cincinnati | Village Life Outreach Project
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Photo of Chris Lewis examining a child with a stethoscope

Meet Our Founder

Christopher Lewis, M.D.
Founder, Village Life Outreach Project.

After his first trip to Tanzania in 2003(link to beginning section), Dr. Christopher Lewis completed his residency and began building his practice with the group that became UC Health’s Primary Care Network, but his urge to return to Tanzania grew stronger and stronger. He began planning a service trip with a core group of volunteers to accompany him. Chris’ idea quickly transformed from one person’s vision of helping into a full-fledged non-profit, non-government organization.

Photo of Chris Lewis examining a child with a stethoscope

Board of Directors

  • Christopher Lewis, M.D.
    Vice Provost for Academic Programs,
    University of Cincinnati
    Family Medicine Physician, UC Health
    Associate Professor of Family Medicine,
    University of Cincinnati College of Medicine
  • Marcel Mutsindashyaka
    Board Chair
  • Stewart W. Wright, M.D., MEd, FACEP
    Board Vice Chair
    Professor, Emergency Medicine
    University of Cincinnati, College of Medicine
    Chief Medical Officer, UC Health
  • Sharon Grenberg
    Board Secretary & Life Committee Chair
    Principal Engineer, Procter & Gamble (Retired)
    Mentor, Engineers Without Borders:
    University of Cincinnati Chapter
  • David B. Haire, CFP
    Board Treasurer
    Senior Vice President, Financial Advisor, CAPTRUST
  • Curtis Eaton
    Governance Committee Chair
    Chief Development Officer
    Ohio State Legal Services Association
  • Jennifer Krivickas
    Assistant Vice President: Integrated Research,
    University of Cincinnati Office of the Vice President for Research
  • Lisa Reinhard
    Vice President & Chief Administrative Officer,
  • Adrian Parr
    Dean College of Design
    Senior Fellow, Design Futures Council
    University of Oregon


Chief Transformation Officer, Melanie Atwood

Melanie Atwood is Chief Transformation Officer of Village Life Outreach. Melanie, in collaboration with a passionate board of directors, is working to augment impact and transform lives in the villages of Roche, Nyambogo and Burere in Tanzania, East Africa.

Melanie’s experience in working for nonprofits as well as for profit organizations has reinforced her belief that people don’t care what you know, until they know that you care.  She is driven by the belief that we accomplish more by working together in collaboration than we ever do alone.

Her philosophy is put into action as the organization works side by side with medical students and professionals, engineers without borders, our outstanding Tanzanian partner organization SHED, and countless other amazing volunteers…to break the cycle of poverty through empowerment and opportunity.  Changing lives and outcomes…one person at a time.