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Volunteer on the Ground in Tanzania!
Getting your boots on the ground in Tanzania is a life-changing way to get involved. But it also takes a lot of dedication – and a specific set of skills. We take several group trips per year, comprised of interdisciplinary teams.

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What to Expect
  • Impact: You’ll be working on projects that have a tangible impact – all services that brigade participants provide is sourced from the local communities we work with.
  • Safety: The safety and well-being of each traveler is Village Life’s top priority. Every detail of our trips is planned with health and safety in mind—from our accommodations, to food, to transportation. Everyone will always have clean water and healthy food. Leadership follows local country news closely and all participants are covered with emergency evacuation insurance.
  • Support: Participants can expect to be supported! We debrief every evening as a group to work through any issues that come up that day. Trip leadership is also there for one on one time for any who needs to talk through an issue.
  • Amenities: Expect to feel cut off from friends and family at home. Our accommodations in Shirati are comfortable – with running water, flush toilets, and electricity. But we don’t always have reliable access to the Internet. Travelers should expect very little contact with people at home while we’re in Shirati.
  • Experience: Village Life has worked in these communities for more than a decade and has created lasting relationships with people there. We’ve taken hundreds of people to Tanzania and we have a process that works well.
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