Over Hand-Out

Our community-based model is what makes Village Life unique. Our projects come directly from the source; we work with communities to define the biggest development challenges and the best solutions to overcome them.

At Village Life, our main concern has always been ensuring our work is sustainable – making progress when our teams are on and off the ground in our partner villages in rural, northern Tanzania. With that in mind, we quickly adopted the hand-up approach to our work.

The extreme poverty in these villages is illustrated by the lack of access to basic necessities:

  • Clean Water

  • Health Care

  • Education


The mission of the Shirati Health, Education, and Development Foundation (SHED) is to “strive to improve medical and public health, primary and health education, and community development in underserved Tanzanian communities.”

SHED is an invaluable partner for Village Life, ensuring smooth execution of our programs on the ground in the villages we serve in Tanzania year-round.

“SHED is our backbone. Their partnership, guidance, and commitment are essential to Village Life’s operations. The introspection and organizational discipline that come from maintaining such a vital working relationship makes both Village Life and SHED more equipped to manage people and resources to effect real change” (Chris Lewis, Founder, Village Life)

Through our partners, brigades, volunteers, and supporters, we’re able to get our feet on the ground and deliver our hands-up approach in Tanzania for the long term.

Shed Office

  • Nyamusi Magatti
    Executive Director
  • Migera Migira
    Program Coordinator
  • Killion Nyakyema
    Assistant Program Coordinator
  • Adek Okello
  • Board Members
    Manaen Kawira
    Esther Kawira
  • Founding Board Members: In Memorium
    Josiah Kawira
    Josiah Magatti
    Jared Odira Okombo

Just Connections

Village Life trusts Joseph Kamande with Just Connections for safe, secure, and reliable transportation for our travelers. They worked with us to organize our first brigade, and have helped us reach where we are today!